Deutschland im Visier der Investoren

Deutschland ist als wichtigstes wirtschaftliches und politisches Land in Europa immer noch ein wichtiges Ziel für Investoren. Hier ist ein kleiner Artikel einer ausländisches Zeitung über Deutschland als Wirtschaftsstandort:

Investing in Germany is a popular topic in eastern countries right now. The country has a bad rap for its bureaucracy and strict laws. But in reality it can be a rewarding and very profitable market, if you know the right people and can assemble a good crew to start a business in Germany.

A big problem is that you can’t form a company in Germany without appearing there in person at least once. Most papers can be signed and mailed in, but a few procedures require a personal visit to the legal offices. However, with the right preparation the trip is actually pretty hassle-free. Make sure to use a German tax accountant who has experience in such matters to handle all the details. This is actually cheaper and you avoid costly mistakes most rookies make.

Another stumbling block is finding the right legal form for your business. Germany has equivalents to LLC, S-Corp and C-Corp but they work a bit differently. Also there are quite a few other forms that might make sense for your business, depending on the current structure and how you want to do business in Germany.

The language barrier is not a big problem as many local corporations require their top staff to speak English, sometimes even among themselves.

Your tax consultant in Germany can also help you setup the necessary contracts for hiring your German staff members. This is actually one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle. The right employment contract can make or break your business. It’s important to find the right balance between protecting your assets and making your company attractive to top talents.

If you get past that hurdle you can look forward to one of the most dedicated and loyal workers you can find. Germans are known to work hard and they are a dependable and productive work force. For minor tasks you can even find a lot of talents fresh out of university, looking for entry level jobs, especially in the IT field.

Some other important factors you should keep in mind: Bookkeeping regulations, monthly and quarterly reports, lists with due dates for claims and liabilities as well as planning for capital allowance.

That’s just some of the things a professional and experienced German tax accountant will take off of your hands and handle for you.

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